We Are Pilgrim

A team of entrepreneurs, engineers, dreamers and doers.
We know what it’s like to sit in your seat. The right product begins with the right people and right process. Taking your idea from the whiteboard to the boardroom and beyond.

The Team

We believe in our talented people.

Mark McGarrity


Serge Koval

Partner & Service Delivery

Len Prieskorn


Carlton Davis


Eric O’Reilly


Kevin Robinson

VP of Creative Services

JW DeLoach

Director of Service Delivery

Mike Sofka

Creative Director

Mike Tsapenko

Senior Team Lead

Carlos Morales

System Administrator

Lou Arroyave

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Robin Marquez

UX/UI Designer

Artyom Ost

UX/UI Designer

Kain Dorris

Product Consultant

Isaac Wuest

Product Consultant

Matt Suitt

Product Consultant

Nathaniel Holzmann

Product Consultant

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Our Purpose

Developing smart software products that stand the test of time.

Our Vision

  • Experience matters.
  • Pilgrim builds UX technology products with precision, delivers development discipline and gives back to others less fortunate.
  • We are purpose-driven software pioneers.

Core Values

  • User Experience First,
    Process Second
  • Simplify, Always
  • Question the Why
  • Be Servant Leaders
  • Integrity in all We Do

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