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“All we need to launch our product is a killer app!” said no successful entrepreneur ever.

The most important time for any endeavor is the beginning – before you commit to action.  The same is true in software development. A lot of groundwork needs to be laid before you start paying a development team.

Being off target a few degrees at the start has lasting implications to budget and timeline over the long term. Have you done all the work you need to do before you build?

Here are some things you need to know before feeding tasks to a development team:


Marketing Considerations:

• What problem are you solving? Will your target users feel like the problem is worth the effort to change?
• Who are your initial users? Who has to love your app for you to succeed?
• How else can people already solve the problem you want to solve? Why is your idea better?

Validation Strategy – Proof of Concept
• What’s your strategy to engage with potential users before you have a final product?
• How will you validate that you’re building the right things in the right order before you commit too much of your budget?

Rollout Strategy
• How will you introduce your product to your first users?
• How will you encourage long term adoption and stickiness for your product?
• What comes after the initial launch? How will you sustain your product?


Financial Considerations:

• How will you define success?
• How will you calculate ROI?
• What sources are secured for funding?
• What sources are available for additional funding?
• How will you allocate your budget?
• What’s your timeline? When do you need to be done?
• How will you support your product after launch?


As a wise person once said, “Well begun is half done.” The time you spend planning will pay off in saved effort and expense in the long term.